Q&A on Startups with Dustin Moskovitz, Justin Rosenstein, Matt Cohler, and Ben Horowitz

almost 9 years agoSeptember 24, 2013
@Justin Rosenstein, I really love your candor here and it was great that you had a manager like Yishan Wong when you were at Facebook to take the time to do  a 360 Degree Review before assigning you more responsibility. It really would be a step forward if we all had this opportunity as it would give us and our colleagues better insight into how others see us juxtaposed with how we see ourselves to be the best we can be while at the same time complementing those around us so we could all be the best we could be as a team too. By the way, I can't really see you being an @$$#0!% so you must have really taken all of this feedback inside and made the necessary changes which is great.
almost 9 years agoSeptember 27, 2013
@Dustin Moskovitz, great choice of words using "aimless" encompassing what entrepreneurship seems to be about these days instead of what it used to be about to build a better mousetrap, so to speak.
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